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Louise Jones, Colon Hydrotherapist, The Colon Clinic

Colon Hydrotherapy


RICTAT Registration Number: 2017-08

Holistic Massage Therapies

Louise JonesMy main passion is being able to provide treatments for my clients that will not only help them feel good about them but also help to improve their digestive health and well-being.

Not only am I a qualified Colonic Hydro therapist but I am also qualified in food intolerance testing and have a range of pro biotics (Just For Tummies) that I stock at my clinic that strive towards helping each individual to improving their own digestive system and well-being furthermore. I regularlygo on courses to further improve my knowledge and keep up to date with all the latest information, I love to learn!!

I tailor all of my colonic sessions to my clients and how it would suit them best. Each client is different and I make sure that I don’t leave any question or answers unturned and that my client is leaving me feeling relaxed, satisfied and realising all the benefits that come along with a colonic for the rest of their body.

The list of improvements and benefits are endless when it comes to Colonic Hydrotherapy, and I am privileged to be a part of such a holistic treatment that purely benefits each individual client and their lifestyle.

I am able to give advice constantly to my clients that they will be able to take away with them and interpret into their everyday lifestyle, which will help to improve their diet and become more active.

Please feel free to give me a call, email or message us on our Facebook page for a general enquiry about the Colonic treatment or to book in.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you in the best way that I can!

Colon hydrotherapy equipment and use of disposables - Closed System

Colon hydromat; Disposable speculum, water line and waste line.

Clinic Name

The Colon Clinic

Address details

18a Rawson Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 1NH

Telephone contact

+44 (0)1422 743073

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RICTAT represents the best of colon hydrotherapy profession in the UK and Ireland. Its members - integrative colonic therapists and colonic irrigation clinics offer professional colon hydrotherapy and related services. Their standards imposed by rigorous self-regulation are often above those promulgated by professional associations. They work in close contact with other health professionals and ensure they offer best treatments in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.